Falklands Style takes our customers health and safety very seriously. All drivers are experienced off-road drivers and all vehicles are designed for off-roading. Wearing seat belts is the law in the Falklands and will be enforced by our drivers. Most roads in the Falklands are made of clay or gravel causing driving to be challenging. All off-roading takes place on large grass bogs and swampy land. This makes off-roading bumpy and at times uncomfortable. Our drivers will do their best to ensure your journey is as comfortable as possible but there is only so much they can do in this terrain. Therefore we strongly recommend that if you have any sort of spinal injury, heart problems or are in the sensitive stages of pregnancy that you ask for one of our more comfortable packages such as New Haven.

All vehicles undergo regular inspection by licensed mechanics and tyres are replaced on a regular basis due to the wearing nature of the work.