Wayne McCormick is a 1st generation Falkland Islander. His parents decided to move to the Falklands after becoming disenchanted with the political nature of Ireland during the 1950s. They moved to a settlement called Port Howard on the West Falklands in the late 1950s where they worked as contract farm laborers. Wayne was later born and raised in the settlement where he and his family survived the Falklands Conflict of 1982. As a 13 year old boy during the conflict Wayne experienced first hand life as POW of the Argentine forces. He is more than happy to to discuss his experiences such as playing football with the conscripted youth soldiers of Argentina who were only a couple years older than himself before watching them go to battle the British.  After the conflict the family moved to Port Stanley where the rest of his siblings were born. Wayne spent the rest of his childhood in Stanley completing his education. 

Wayne still lives in Stanley with his partner and two children. He has spent the last 12 years tour guiding to areas such as Volunteer Point and the battlefields. Wayne very much enjoys his work as it gives him a chance to meet new people and talk about the Falklands. He looks forward to meeting you.